We speak dog! 


Most behavior problems stem from the miscommunication between dog and human. Dogs can become confused by what we're asking from them. They can get frightened, anxious, and sometimes act out. At the same time, we as dog owners get frustrated that our dogs "aren't listening".

The solution is to get everyone speaking the same language. Our methods are based on the same communication methods, voice tone, and body language that dogs follow instinctively. We teach you to speak dog - when you speak your dog's language, he or she will understand you better.

This natural and dog friendly approach develops a positive relationship and lasting emotional bond between guardian and dog based on respect and trust. There is no need for harsh punishment, nor for bribing with a constant stream of treats. Please call us to book a consultation. We hold consults on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the day\afternoon for $20. Our trainer can answer your questions and help come up with a good training plan to help you achieve your goals.  


Peachy Paws School

Group Classes

The level you are placed in is based on your training level and your dog's level of obedience. Group classes will meet once per week in the evening. Classes are generally scheduled on a Tuesday or Thursday evening after 5:00pm. When coming to group classes, you will be accompanied by 5-7 other dog owners who are all working towards the same goal. You will grow alongside your group for 4 consecutive weeks and end in graduation on the 5th week. We hold classes every few months, so please let us know if you're interested in a group class and we will keep you updated with a starting date. 

Puppy Group Class: $200

Level 1 Group Class: $250

Level 2 Group Class: $275

Level 3 Group Class: $300


Private Classes

Based on whichever level you're placed in, you will meet with our trainer 1-2 times per week to focus on one-on-one training with your dog. This is a one-hour class. You and your dog will have an uninterrupted class and your pet will have the trainer's undivided attention throughout the session. During your consult with our trainer, she will recommend how many classes per week she suggests as well as give you a realistic expectation of how many classes it will take for you to achieve your goal. 

 Price: $60+\class