About Us

Peachy Paws is owned and operated by Matthew and Jessica Fowler in Lavonia, Georgia. We are a multitude of things! We're a pet store, grooming salon, boarding facility, and recently expanded into basic obedience training and daycare!

Jessica was quickly approaching her college graduation in March of 2020. She still was undecided on what she wanted to do in life. She knew she wanted to do something extra-ordinary to leave a mark on her town. In a 30-minute car ride, Matthew and Jessica decided that they would open a pet business. With little thought, they went home and came up with a name and purchased a business license. Matthew, along with his brother and father, worked for weeks converting a storage building in their back yard in Bowersville into "Peachy Paws." After three months, their  ideas and dreams became a reality. Within just a few months of opening, the appointments were booking further out and they had over 400 clients. They decided quickly that they needed to expand. 

Five months after opening the business, Jessica found a building in downtown Lavonia that she had her heart set on. After a lot of prayer and renovating, they purchased the building and moved the store to Lavonia in November of 2021. 

"We saw a need in our community when we were having to order online for our house full of animals because there weren't any local quality pet stores. Our goal is to provide quality and affordable pet supplies and services for the community. We love serving you, as well as your fur friends!"