I've always been anxious about leaving my dog with someone else, especially overnight! If you're a dog parent who feels the anxiety of leaving your dog, fear not! We understand your position. My goal is to make sure your pup feels safe, secure, and loved while you're gone! Communication is very important at Peachy Paws, so you're welcome to give us a call or text if you'd like to check in on your pup. We're happy to FaceTime you or send photos of your pup! Your pups will check in\out at the store. One of our Peachy staff will walk your pup up the hill where they will be staying. The owners, Matthew and Jessica live steps away from the store. They have opened up their home for the boarders to ensure 24\7 care.
We are expanding our location, so if you book for the last part of the year, please note that your pup might be in downtown Lavonia and boarding will look different in our new location. We will let you know before your reservation as we do not have an opening date yet! We will be sending a notification to all of our clients about our moving date when we get closer to time! Our rooms in Lavonia are a perfect place for your pet to vacation with plenty of space, a TV, and the option to participate in day care at our Lavonia location. 

Pricing (per night):

1 dog: $25\dog

2+ dogs: $20\dog

Our boarding schedule is filling up quickly for 2021, so please contact us soon to make your reservation. We ask that you bring enough food for your dog's visit. Please do not bring large bags of dog food. A ziplock bag(s) will work great! Please bring your own collar\harness and leash. You're welcome to bring treats, toys and beds for comfort. We cannot guarantee that your dog's blanket or bed will return in the same condition. We do guarantee that your dog will be the only one playing with their own toys and laying in their own bed. 

Our operating hours are limiting during our transition to the new store. If you are dropping your pup off in the Bowersville location please note these drop off\pick up hours:

Monday: 9-5 (please call ahead of time to let us know what time you're coming. The storefront is closed today) 

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Saturday: 9:00-10:00 or 3:00-5:00 (Please schedule a time for Saturday) 

Sunday: 3:00-5:00 (We do not offer Sunday morning pickup\drop off)

You can book on our online app, Paw Partner!

We are happy to accommodate your needs - please contact the store for assistance. 706-641-0374.