Doggy Day Care

Daycare will be offered when we move to our Lavonia location. We do not currently have an estimated time of opening. We are hoping for this fall, but we cannot guarantee an opening date. 
We live busy lives. Most of us work all day while our dog lounges around on the couch, stays outside in the pen, or even stays in a crate for a few hours. We as a staff strive to provide the best lives possible for our personal pets, and we want to help you do the same. It is important for us to keep your pet stimulated with activity. Your pup will be ready to come home and rest with you after you've had a long day at work. This is also a great opportunity for your dog to be socialized with other dogs as well as our staff. Give your dog the opportunity to make new paw friends! Please call us for more information. 706-641-0374


1 dog - $15\per day

2 dogs - $25\per day 

*Purchase a 3 day package for 10% off