Pet Nutrition and Regular Grooming


Pet Nutrition: The Importance of Regular Grooming—How Your Dog’s Grooming Has a Positive Effect on Their Health

     We all love seeing our dogs after a fresh groom. They smell better, their coats are shiny, and it’s all wagging tails and happy dances when we come pick them up. Most people have their dogs groomed so that they look better, but there are surprising health reasons why grooming is so necessary.

     Just like it’s important for humans to maintain their cleanliness, it’s also vital that our pets have regular grooms to ensure that their physical health is being cared for. It’s easy to assume that because they are “just dogs,” they don’t require much hair or skin care like a human might; however, the truth is that with regular grooming care, your dog will be more protected from sicknesses and pests, their coats and skin will be healthier, and their emotional and mental health will also improve.

     Let’s discuss some of the main reasons why grooming is so beneficial for your dog.

  1. Grooming Prevents Fleas & Ticks

Even if you regularly check your dog for signs of fleas or ticks, these pests are difficult to see or get rid of without a proper groom. Bathing and brushing your dog can help with this problem, but sometimes your dog will need more than just a bath or a good brushing-out to help remove and prevent fleas and ticks.

Even if your dog has short hair, there’s still a likelihood that your dog could have hidden pests. When your dog is groomed, a groomer can check the ears, and even the anal glands, to make sure that no little bugs are hiding where you can’t see.

It’s always a good idea to use flea and tick control on your pooch but keeping a regular grooming routine can further ensure that your fur-baby is protected.

  1. Grooming Improves Your Dog’s Mood

Yes, it’s true! Grooming actually improves how your dog feels. After you’ve had a long day, there’s really nothing better than taking a hot shower, right? It relaxes you and helps clear your mind. For your dog, a bath might not be as invigorating for them as it is for you, but whether your dog realizes it or not, getting a bath, a haircut, and even a nail trim helps improve their mood because it improves their health.

Mental stress is a real issue for animals. They feel anxiety and get overwhelmed just like we do. While your dog may hate going to get groomed, the quality of their health is better after having a deep clean and a fresh cut if needed. So, even if they don’t appreciate it at the time, they’re healthier for it.  

Bathing helps stimulate your dog’s senses and cleanses their pores. Without baths, your dog’s hair floccules will close tighter, and you risk your dog’s hair not growing properly. Getting a haircut also improves the quality of your dog’s coat by trimming off any matts or damaged hair so that new hair can grow. This is bound to make them feel better!  

After having a proper groom, your dog’s physical health will improve, as will their mental and emotional health. Dogs are social creatures and need a change in routine occasionally, so even the experience of getting out and seeing new things and encountering new people and animals is good for your dog.

Any way you can help stimulate your dog’s senses and encourage activity will be beneficial for their overall development and happiness.

  1. Prevent Ear Infections

One of the ailments that is often overlooked for dogs is ear infections. About 20 percent of dogs live with an ear infection or suffer from a disease originating from ear problems. You can do certain things at home to help prevent your dog from getting an ear infection, but it’s a good idea have your dog’s ears cleaned during a groom as well.

The hair in a dog’s ears needs to be plucked, especially if your dog has long hair. Even if your dog’s hair is short, it wouldn’t hurt to have the inside of their ears cleaned to help avoid ear mites and infections. Without ear-cleaning, the ears can become very tender and even painful. If not cared for, your dog might require a vet’s special attention. To avoid this, ask your groomer to check your dog’s ears and clean them out if needed.

  1. Grooming Helps Prevent Diseases

As your groomer becomes more accustomed to your dog, they will notice if any skin abnormalitiesappear. Once your dog has been groomed a few times, a groomer can determine if a lump, bump, or rash has popped up that might require an examination from a veterinarian.

It’s not uncommon for pet-owners to overlook a skin abnormality, especially if they aren’t looking for one. When your dog gets a bath, and especially if they get a haircut, a groomer takes note of any lumps, bumps, or skin irritations that might be cancerous, hazardous, or painful. If you are particularly concerned about these issues, ask your groomer to be extra cautious during the groom to look for any abnormalities.

With routine grooming, your dog is less likely to have skin allergies, and diseases can be found quicker so that you can get your dog treatment as fast as possible.

What can You Do to Help Make Your Dog’s Grooming Experience Better?

     As a pet owner, one of the best practices to adopt is making grooming a rewarding experience. By making grooming a positive activity, your dog is more likely to enjoy getting groomed. Try using treats as positive reinforcement for your dog before and after their groom so that they associate getting groomed with earning a reward.

     Initiate a positive attitude about taking your dog to get groomed so that they see you’re comfortable with it. Do what you can to make it fun, and over time, your dog might not mind the grooming ritual as much.

     Having a positive association with grooming is good for your dog and will help them relax during the process.

A Groomed Pup is a Happy Pup

     Our pups don’t always realize what’s good for them, so sometimes it can be difficult to leave them at the groomer’s. However, what they gain from a good groom is more beneficial than they understand. Grooming is more than a way to make your dog look nice—it’s a way to protect, maintain, and improve your dog’s health across the board.

     If you want to ensure that your dog has great physical, mental, and emotional well-being, consider making routine grooming appointments to give them the best care possible!




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